Water providers and utilities

If you are in the business of providing water as a service to businesses and communities, then finding economically attractive solutions are important. With solar power water pumps you can meet your delivery obligations while minimizing your operating costs.

Government regulation often requires that water is delivered without consideration of cost to the service provider. Your customers have a finite ability to pay and you may be working with heavily regulated pricing. In developing markets the costs of pumping can already exceed the price that can be charged for water.

Solar water pumping systems can help to solve the challenges of reaching remote communities and reducing operating costs.

Local ground water abstraction

Water companies are meeting the needs of remote communities by building “water micro grids”. By using LORENTZ solar water pumps with local ground water abstraction from boreholes as their source, long pipelines are completely avoided. This local supply of water is less capital intensive and results in lower operating costs while meeting the obligations of the water provider. Using the embedded data features and ability to connect external sensors and flow meters, the use of water can be measured and integrated into payment systems.

Remote infrastructure management

All LORENTZ solar water pumping systems have an inbuilt ability to collect data and to be managed by our PumpScanner App. These CONNECTED functions can easily be extended to full remote management and monitoring via our pumpMANAGER managed service. pumpMANAGER shows the status of all of your LORENTZ pump systems in real-time, alerts you by email when there is a problem and allows you to make changes remotely. Think of the costs savings and service improvements this could deliver.