At the heart of every community is a clean and reliable water source. Water is critical for good health and is a key enabler for economic development through rearing of livestock and growing crops. Solar powered water pumping systems are very reliable and affordable, this makes them a good choice for communities who are looking to improve their water infrastructure.

For community funded and community sustained solutions where a water committee, social enterprise or other community structure there are some very good reasons to choose a LORENTZ solution.

Invest once

When you are responsible for delivering water to your community then making the right choices is important. LORENTZ have been designing and manufacturing solar water pumping systems for 20 years and are the market leader. Our products are high quality, are designed for off-grid environments, have the highest efficiency and are easy to service.

Lowest operating costs

Delivering water to your community at an affordable rate is as important as delivering good quality. As a solar pump does not require any fuel or scheduled servicing it has very low operating costs. This fits in very well with sustaining a low price per user / price per litre model.

Ability to expand

LORENTZ have the best system planning software in the market. Our sales and service partners can plan a system that is cost effective to deliver the water your community needs now but with the capacity to grow. With such a wide range of systems available one can be selected which will grow as the need for water does. This growth can be achieved by adding more solar panels, this is easy to do, cost effective.

Reliable and repairable

We design all our products to have a long life, but we also design them to be repairable. All the components of a LORENTZ system are replaceable down to sub component level quickly and easily. In the event of a failure in the system, or as a result of wear and tear, the system can be easily repaired without the costs of having to replace a whole unit.