For farmers LORENTZ solar pump offer solutions to the challenges of improving production, sustainability and while minimizing costs.

Achieving the best crop and livestock yields from your land while meeting your sustainability obligations and controlling operating costs is becoming a real challenge. LORENTZ offer a range of solar water pumping solutions which are benefiting farmers across the world.

Keep reading to see how a solar water pumping system, or systems, could solve some of your challenges.

Irrigate land without power infrastructure or diesel

Using solar water pumps you can irrigate land without the need to consider installing power lines or needing to worry about availability or quality of power to the fields. Any irrigation method is compatible with solar water pumping with the right system design. If you are currently using diesel or gas to power your pumps then you are almost guaranteed to get a fast return on investment by moving to a solar pump. A solar water pumping system requires no fuel filling, engine servicing and has no ongoing operating costs. If you have site that would benefit from irrigation but have no power a solar pumping system could save you the investment in running power plus the time it takes the power company to fulfil your needs. LORENTZ have many examples of all irrigation methods across all continents and crop types.

As much water as you need

If your demands for water do not naturally fit with a solar water pump, either because you need to pump water 24 hours per day or you have wide variations of water use through the year then LORENTZ has the solution. Our PSk systems and SmartSolution hybrid power options allow to have the benefits of off grid, free water pumping with the ability to automatically blend in alternative power sources when required. The perfect solution when increased irrigation is needed during the growing season.

Certainty of supply – you are in control

If your local power supply is not reliable or if you have concerns over diesel supply at some points in the season, then a solar water pumping solution can offer you the assurance you need to deliver your crops. Your livelihood is dependent on your harvest or your livestock, LORENTZ solar water pumps deliver water reliably and give you independence from power prices, fuel prices or government levies. You have assured water deliver and are in control of your competitiveness.

Livestock water where you need it

Solar pumps are now the accepted normal solution for providing drinking water to livestock. The livestock water application is established as the most cost effective. So forget about maintaining windmills or providing power to remote pumps, our PS2 HR systems are the perfect solution, the most efficient pumps in the market that can pump from deep wells with very little power. LORENTZ pumps are reliable and proven.

Know what is happening!

Whether you have a small livestock water pump or a large-scale irrigation project you can monitor and manage the system remotely. All LORENTZ solar water pumps have in built data logging and can easily be connected to our cloud based application allowing you to see what is happening on any internet connected device. So consider knowing how much water has been delivered to your crops today, or how much water is in a livestock through all without leaving your farm office.