Industry in both developed and fast developing countries can suffer from unreliable grid power or very high peak rate power which has an adverse effect on productivity and competitiveness.

Towards a solar powered factory

Using LORENTZ solar or hybrid water pumping systems in your industrial processes reduces reliance on grid power, reduces carbon footprint and reduces operating costs to keep your production on target.

Self sufficiency

In developing countries power outages are common. These power outages can have a significant impact on processes and even lead to part finished goods being scrapped. Using solar water pumps for in-process water assures you that your pumps can run during daylight hours.

Reduce peak power loads

Where the infrastructure in developed countries is near to capacity peak rate electricity tariffs can become a significant contributor to production costs. By using solar power to directly drive in-process pumps these costs can be avoided. Using our hybrid technology, solar and grid power can be seamlessly blended so minimizing costs while giving the flexibility of using grid or generator power to get that urgent production run completed.

Reducing consumption and emissions

Using LORENTZ solar water pumping systems in industry reduces reliance on the grid for critical processes while reducing carbon output and providing operational cost savings.