PS2-600 CS-F4-3

Solar Surface Pump System

System Overview
Head max. 25 m
Flow rate max. 8,9 m³/h

Technical Data

Controller PS2-600

  • Controlling and monitoring
  • Control inputs for dry running protection, remote control etc.
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload and overtemperature
  • Integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Battery operation: Integrated low voltage disconnect

Power max. 0,70 kW
Input voltage max. 150 V
Optimum Vmp** > 68 V
Motor current max. 13 A
Efficiency max. 98 %
Ambient temp. -40…50 °C
Enclosure class IP68

Motor ECDRIVE 600 CS-F

  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor
  • Premium materials, stainless steel: AL/AISI 304

Rated power 0,70 kW
Efficiency max. 92 %
Motor speed 900…3.300 rpm
Insulation class F
Enclosure class IPX4

Pump End PE CS-F4-3

  • Premium materials
  • Centrifugal pump

Efficiency max. 48 %

Pump Unit PU600 CS-F4-3 (Motor, Pump End)
Water temperature max. 70 °C
Suction head acc. to COMPASS sizing